Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sunshine Blue Sky

We are doing our summer duty here in Yellowstone National Park!!  Actually, it's a huge gift that we can't refuse to be working here a little and having the rest of the time to soak in the beauty and awesome sights and hikes that only Yellowstone can provide. 

Last evening we experienced a sunset like no other.  The sky was ablaze with bright orange and red light filtering through the clouds and fresh raindrops that cast a brilliance in the sky and on the mountains that was gorgeous and breathtaking.  We took a few photos and hoping they will capture at least 1/10th of the experience.  We also saw a grizzly and a moose and I found some beautiful marsh marigolds that I had not seen before.

Today I'm off to a couple favorite places to find some calypso orchids; I may be too late but we shall see!